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Hi my name is Tim Wells and I am an Astro landscape and Nature photographer from the Isle of Wight, being born and raised on the island and spending most of my spare time outdoors playing in the fields, exploring the coastlines and spending hours of fun up the downs, I like to think I know this Island very well. With my local knowledge, I would like to offer others the opportunity to capture the very best the island has to offer on camera.

For the last 15+ years of my working life, I have gained the experience and knowledge from teaching in outdoor education to supporting various ages with challenging behaviour and additional needs.

Out of all the photography I have done in the past I have found a real love of night sky and nature photography and as a result I am now running successful workshops on and off the Island  and turned what I love to do into my full time career, I would love to pass my knowledge on so please feel free to contact me to find out more about my workshops and don't forget to subscribe to my news letters.


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